Fantasy Flight Games gets another license

Ok, we really didn’t see this one coming…

Fantasy Flight Games (the game publisher that prints a bunch of great boardgames, like Arkham Horror, Descent and Starcraft) has just gained the rights to BattleLore from Days of Wonder. Wow!

You can read more here.

BoardGameGeek discusion here.

FFG is already publishing a swag of interesting games (I can’t wait for the Battlestar Galacticagame), and they’ve already got the rights to Talisman, but BattleLore as well?

For those who haven’t played it, BL is a light fantasy-themed wargame on the “Command & Colours” model, like Memoir ’44. I find it a very enjoyable game, but DOW have been neglecting it a little of late.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the sale of M44 packs from MilSims recently?

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