Waiting, waiting…

I’m currently in that awful state of having ordered a bunch of things, but now having to wait for them to actually arrive.

  • There are the two books from Amazon that have been sent.
  • There are the two ASL products from MMP that have been sent.
  • There are the three wargames from Warchest that have been ordered.
  • There are the wargame and M44 expansions from MilSims that have been ordered, but MilSims needs to get the M44 back in stock (on Monday) before they send them to me.
  • There are the D&D 4e products from MilSims that haven’t come in yet.
  • There are the Castles & Crusades rulebooks that I don’t know where they are. (I’ve gotten everything else I ordered for that system… except the rulebooks!)
  • There are the three Eurogames from MilSims that are out of stock.
  • And then there’s Agricola, which may be available in the next fortnight… or not.

The stuff coming from America? Who knows when it will arrive…


    • merricb

      Agricola is really fantastic. It has just become the #1 game at Boardgamegeek. 🙂 A friend of mine managed to buy the German version of the game, and so I’ve played it a few times. Alas, the English version hasn’t reached me yet. 😦


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