Too many commas!

One of the Castles & Crusades products I was waiting for came yesterday: Engineering Dungeons. It’s a guide to building dungeons for C&C, primarily by random generation.

I find it fairly disappointing; it fails to add much to the established material on dungeon-building (as found primarily in the 1e DMG and the 3e DMG), and indeed lacks certain areas that I would have found essential for helping describe a good dungeon environment.

It also has the standard C&C approach to editing: dreadful. Tenses wander about the place, and the use of commas and apostrophes is often haphazard.

Then you get sentences like this one…

“These dungeons are very different than most others, as they are capable, usually, of moving, albeit, at a very slow speed.”



  1. merricb

    It’s referring to aerial dungeons (such as a Cloud Giant’s castle), but having a “burrowing” dungeon would be very cool.

    Consider also adventures such as the Doomgrinder and Earthshaker. 🙂


  2. mrbaron_bps

    I am passing!

    I will start off by saying that in general I like the Troll’s stuff. However, I am passing on that book. There was nothing in there that really gained my interest. There are a number of books on the market about dungeon design, survival or general reference, so I am not sure what else the Troll Lord’s book is going to add to the discussion.

    I am looking forward to a couple of their box sets that they released at Gencon – CZ: Upper Works & Towers of Adventure. I will probably also get the C&C CK screen. They have also published the Book of Names that I will also pick up. That is probably it until they publish CZ: The Dungeons some time next year (I suspect Gencon 2009).


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