Doctor Who, Yggsburgh and other things

Doctor Who was merely “ok” on Sunday (Planet of the Ood), as compared to the awesomeness that was The Fires of Pompeii the week before. I made up for that with watching two classic Dr Who stories I’d just picked up – The Curse of Fenric and Ghostlight. They’re two of my favourite stories from the classic era, both from the final series before the BBC pulled the plug. Fenric, in particular, was really awesome because the DVD has both the original version and the “special edition” version.

I’ve got to explain about the SE version… Fenric was horribly overlong and was cut down for transmission. (So was Ghostlight, only more so… alas, the version I have doesn’t reinstate lost footage). This version reinstates the footage that was cut for time, and also puts it all into one long “movie” version, which also helps the pacing. The result is pure brilliance.

MilSims has sent my copies of Yggsburgh and Dark Chateau to me. Yay!

Mind you, I really wonder at some of the design of the Castle Zagyg project. Why is CZ 30 miles away from Yggsburgh? For an adventure that will have 1st level adventurers trooping through it, shouldn’t it be closer to civilisation? Especially such a well-developed town as Yggsburgh? Go figure.

Oh, and I saw the Dark Knight on Friday. A seriously awesome film. I’ll see it again next Friday afternoon, I think.

I’ve been rereading my Peter F. Hamilton collection. He’s a British sci-fi writer, and a really, really good one. Rereading his Greg Mandel series (Mindstar Rising, A Quantum Murder, and The Nano Flower) has reminded me exactly how good he is. There’s a wealth of background detail about the society that I sort of ignored the first time as I was involved in the plot… noticed them very well this time around. I really enjoy this trilogy; his other books are good, but I really like these ones.


    • merricb

      Glad to hear it’s the weakest episode. I’m so looking forward to seeing Martha again next week. (And I really wish Channel 10 would show season 2 of Torchwood!)


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