My eyes! My poor, bleeding eyes!

I’ve just been reading the first Castles & Crusades adventure, “Assault on Blacktooth Ridge”.

There are some nice ideas used in the adventure, but the writing is terrible. Spelling, grammar and sentence construction are things you take for granted… until you discover that they’ve gone missing. Then you realise exactly how important they are.

“The following are descriptions of the more notable places and people in Botkinburg. This is followed by a rumor table that mixes both truth and fiction.”

“However, this may not be enough to attract the more demanding player. There are several reasons, suggested below, for the adventurers to go to Botkinburg. However, what truly brings an adventurer to this place can only be found in the heart of that player’s character and not in the place itself.”

“This was once a wooden bridge, whose remnants jut out into the river about 15 feet. Many of the fishermen gather here in the morning and afternoon before and after fishing. They discuss the days catch, mend nets and sell fish.”

“The Castle Keeper should feel free to develop other encounters, or augment the encounters below, to develop story arcs that are integral aspects of the adventure.”

My eyes! My poor, bleeding eyes!

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