Gods of the Free City

For the players in my Friday Greyhawk campaign, here’s a list of the deities commonly worshipped in the Free City, along with a deity’s name in brackets from the 4e PHB; this last is so you can take the feat associated with that deity if you are a Paladin or Cleric.

Pelor, Good God of Sun, Strength, Light & Healing (Pelor)
St Cuthbert, Lawful Good God of Wisdom, Dedication & Zeal (Corellon)
Zilchus, Unaligned God of Power, Prestige, Influence, Money & Business (Erathis)
Norebo, Unaligned God of Luck, Gambling & Risk (Sehanine)
Fharlanghn, Unaligned God of Horizons, Distance & Travel (Corellon)
Istus, Unaligned God of Fate & Destiny (Ioun)
Boccob, Unaligned God of Magic & Arcane Knowledge (Ioun)
Rao, Lawful Good God of Peace, Reason & Serenity (Erathis)
Trithereon, Good God of Individuality, Liberty & Retribution (Kord)
Beory, Unaligned Goddess – the Oerth Mother (Nature & Rain) (N/A)
Heironeous, Lawful Good God of Chivalry, Honour, Justice & Valour (Bahamut)
Olidamarra, Unaligned God of Music, Revelry, Roguery & Wine (N/A)
Pholtus, Lawful GOod God of Light, Resolution & Law (Pelor)
Procan, Unaligned God of Oceans (Melora)
Ulaa, Lawful Good Goddess of Hills, Mountains, Gemstones (Moradin)
Kurell, Unaligned God of Jealousy, Revenge & Thievery. (Sehanine)
Xan-Yae, Unaligned Goddess of Twilight, Shadows, Stealth and Psionics (Corellon)

Ehlonna, Good Goddess of Forest, Flowers and Meadows, while not commonly worshipped in the Free City, is the chief goddess of halflings & elves. Ulaa is worshipped by Dwarves. There are currently no Dragonborn in this campaign.

Note: Tieflings appear totally human! To say there is a strong prejudice in the Free City against the get of fiends understates the matter entirely!


    • merricb

      Definitely! Yes, main source of tieflings is the Great Kingdom. A few may have come from Iuz, but the Great Kingdom is such a wonderful place. 😉


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