Meet the Illusionist

Well, not quite. However, it’s nice to see the new article by Rodney Thompson in Dragon Magazine which adds a bunch of heroic-tier Wizard powers that allow the play of some illusionist-like abilities.

When you come down to it, I’m a huge fan of the original 1e illusionist, although I feel they lost a lot of their individuality with the 2e merging of the Wizard spells. (One reason I like the 3.5e bard so much is that it’s a lot like the 1e illusionist).

These new powers do have something of the psionic about them as well, which may well make Adam happy. I’m really happy to see Phantasamal Terrain and Illusionary Wall, two of the utility spells, which are just downright fun to play with. I’m pretty sure PT should have the “sustain minor” ability, but that will no doubt be added at some point.

And, yes, you can use these new spells in my 4e campaigns. Enjoy!

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