Brief Star Wars post

This will be brief – I’ve been extremely busy of late at work and I’m working late tonight as well. While I have a few brief moments…

We’ve almost finished the third Dawn of Defiance adventure. It’s been very James Bondian, which is something that you don’t exactly associate with Star Wars, Attack of the Clones aside. Of course, as I love James Bond, and Miles is really set up to do James Bondian things, it hasn’t been that hard for my character. However, in a group of 5, investigations tend to get a bit problematic.

I rather think Rodney (adventure writer extraordinare) didn’t expect the entire group to enter the Sabaac tournament. It was 10,000cr each. But, Miles has the Wealth talent, so what else was I going to do? (None of us won, alas!)

One feature of the adventure that really annoyed me was that there are a bunch of Rodians with ACs of 22. I, a 5th level Noble, have an attack bonus of +5 when I take Point Blank Shot into account. How was I meant to hit them? From what we could see, these Rodians (3rd level rogues) were armoured (+5) and had their level bonus (+3) included. Sorry… they don’t stack. We’ve been coming up against a bunch of combats which have been too difficult, and bad maths doesn’t help. (Adam’s Rodian has a +10 to hit once he includes my Born Leader and Point Blank Shot, and 22 is still a little high).

The spaceship combat was cool, though. I was piloting a big luxury yacht… Peggy was Gunner, and everyone else had Headhunters. Nate showed why he was the best pilot, while I showed why I was the best strategician… I kept fighting defensively, and was never hit! 🙂 We took out a couple of the bad guys as well. Greg, the Jedi, did worse.

Miles is 6th level now. I’ll post his revised character sheet when I get around to revising it. One more encounter in this adventure, and then we’ll likely have a bit of Martin-created adventure before returning to the main campaign.

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