I have Keep on the Shadowfell!

Woohoo! In the mail today was my copy of Keep on the Shadowfell! I’m now reading it.

So, we’ll definitely be playing it this Sunday. Will we use the pregens or our own characters? Depends how many copies of the rulebooks we have by then.

The adventure looks beautiful; three full-colour poster battlemats, two booklets and a cardboard cover.

Must get back to it!


  1. tallarn

    Enjoy! Despite what people have said, I’ve had my copy in my bag for the last week and a bit and it’s still holding up fine – it’s more durable than people give it credit for, I think.


  2. evildmguy

    I really liked the module! I thought it was well written and liked the format of it. (If they have used this format before, I didn’t realize as I don’t buy lots of modules.) In fact, I liked it enough that I could see me buying more modules if they stick to this format.

    I am currently running my group through it, although we aren’t very far at all. So far, it’s been fun!



    • merricb

      They’ve been using the format (often called the delve format, although properly the tactical format) for encounters for most of the late-era 3e adventures; from Scourge of the Howling Horde one, including all of the Expeditions series.

      It’s been altered a little for this adventure and I think it works a lot better with 4e encounter design.


  3. keterys

    I think it’s a pretty cool module – that said, there are about 3 TPK possible fights that you might want to be very familiar with before running, and potentially adjust if your party isn’t grok-ing 4e quickly.

    I also think they slightly overdid some of the kobolds early on and I plan to alter that area up a little (subbing in a couple of my own, and putting in a trap area to split up the big kobold cave into two distinct fights to avoid… possible badness)


    • merricb

      Yeah, that big kobold fight seems to be getting a few casualties. 🙂 I look forward to seeing how my group handles it.

      I’ll have one complete newbie and four very experienced players.


    • merricb

      Re: Battlemats?

      Three double-sided poster maps scaled for D&D Miniatures and used for several combats during the adventure. Four have been released before:

      * King’s Road (originally from Fantastic Locations: Fields of Ruin)
      * Forest Cliff Lair (originally from FL: Dragondown Grotto)
      * Dragon Graveyard (ditto)
      * one more I can’t identify at present.

      Two more are brand new.

      The interior of the dungeon should be achievable by Dungeon Tiles.


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