Some games arrived!

I was rather surprised to discover when I arrived home last night a parcel at the bottom of the stairs to my room, placed their thoughtfully by my father and stepmother.

Inside the parcel were a bunch of D&D books, dungeon tiles and the Garg. Blue Dragon that I’d ordered last week. This was a surprise, because MilSims only had them down as “processing”, not “shipped!”

Not everything I ordered was there, not entirely surprisingly. All the dungeon tiles were (which now takes my collection up to 12 sets – duplicates of five sets, singletons of two sets). I need more boxes to store them in. Most of the adventures weren’t; I only got Anauroch, not the previous two in the series nor the Fortress of the Yuan-Ti adventure. Oh well, if I don’t get them, I won’t mourn overmuch.

I did get all five of the Eberron sourcebooks I ordered. They’re looking pretty on my shelf at present. At some point, I’ll return to running Eberron, but it won’t be tomorrow. However, I’m very glad to have the books, even if I won’t use them (or possibly even read them) immediately. As I said before, fluff isn’t being particularly attractive to me at present, though I’m still reading lots of novels…

Now, I just want Monday to come and Keep on the Shadowfell!


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