Games on their way…

My other copy of Keep on the Shadowfell has been dispatched to me, according to MilSims, so I should get it either on Monday or Tuesday. My original copy will probably be sent to me (well, Randy) with the core rulebooks, unless they’ve sent it separately and Randy’s going to surprise me with it tomorrow.

In any case, the copy I get second will go to Martin as a belated birthday present. What do you get your friends when you’re waiting for 4e? Beats me…

Unfortunately, also in the order was Sarah’s birthday present, and it’s on backorder. Grr. If I’m lucky, it’ll be in before her actual birthday.

Also, also in the order were Blackbeard (couldn’t go past the $55 price tag) and Pandemic. I wasn’t going to order the latter, but yesterday afternoon MilSims told me it was back in stock, and I was interested in the game. So, as I wanted to order Keep, I hopped on last night and did a little internet shopping.

So, on either Monday or Tuesday I expect I’ll finally have a copy of Keep on the Shadowfell in my hands and I’ll be able to prepare it for the session the following Sunday. I’m really looking forward to it…

Meanwhile, the MilSims order I made last week is still pending as they wait for restocking. Some of it may not come in, but that’s ok.

That order?

1 ea. Eberron Dragonmarked $11.00
1 ea. Faiths of Eberron $11.00
1 ea. D&D Blue Dragon $24.99
1 ea. Cormyr Tearing of the Weave $10.00
1 ea. Eberron Secrets of Sarlona $11.00
1 ea. Shadowdale $10.00
1 ea. Eberron Forge of War $11.00
2 ea. D&D Dungeon Tiles V Underdark $27.00
1 ea. Fortress of the Yuan-ti $10.00
1 ea. Anauroch Empire of Shade $10.00
1 ea. D&D Dungeon Tiles #6 Tombs $13.50
1 ea. Dragons of Eberron $10.00
2 ea. Dungeon Tiles Fane of the Forg $17.60

I keep reading the latter as Fane of the Frog… remembrances of early D&D…


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