4e Skills

This is the list of the skills in 4e, along with their guiding attributes. From what I can gather, 4e Skills are like Star Wars Saga skills: you choose a small number of skills at 1st level to be your “trained” skills for the game, and rarely gain new skills after that. There are no skill points, instead you get +1/2 your level to all skills, plus your attribute bonus, +5 if you are Trained in the skill.

Skill Focus? Haven’t seen it yet.

Strength-based Skills

Athletics – most likely swimming, jumping and climbing.

Constitution-based Skills

Endurance – how long you can do things.

Dexterity-based Skills

Acrobatics Tumbling, Balancing and the like. Note that the use of “Tumble” in 3e is not included; instead Rogues have a power that allow them to move around the battlefield without being attacked.
Stealth – Don’t get seen! Will include Hide in Shadows and Move Silently from previous editions, and removes the problem involved with hiding from two senses.
Thievery – all those thief abilities that you need: Open Locks, Find/Remove Traps, Pick Pocket. Note that all Rogues automatically have this skill; you won’t have the Changeling Rogue who can’t actually fulfill the functions of a rogue any more!

Intelligence-Based Skills

Arcana – you know about magic and spellcraft
History – you know the history of the world.
Religion – you know about gods and stuff

Wisdom-Based Skills

Dungeoneering – you know stuff about what you’ll find in dungeons. Includes monster lore.
Heal – you can heal people non-magically. What this means probably involves waking up unconscious people, treating disease and poison and the like.
Insight – this is primarily what was Sense Motive; it helps you understand people.
Nature – you know stuff about what you’ll find outdoors. Includes monster lore.
Perception – you notice things like traps and hidden objects or monsters. This is what you need to find people who are using Stealth.

Charisma-based Skills

Bluff – This is all about lying to people to make them do things they don’t want to do.
Diplomacy – This is all about lying to people to make them things they want to do. Well, perhaps not.
Intimidating – This is all about frightening people to make them do things.
Streetwise – Gathering information, being at home in cities, that sort of thing. I think.

As you can see, it’s a shorter list than that of 3e.

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