BattleLore as it should be…

One of the games that launched to great acclaim at the end of 2006 was BattleLore, a 2-player wargame built around the Command & Colours system seen in games like Memoir ’44 and Command & Colors: Ancients. I have all three of these games, but whilst M44 has seen Randy and I play many, many games, Battlelore has been mostly unrepresented. It just doesn’t catch our attention as much… though if anyone wants to come over to my place to have a few games, I’d be happy to accomodate them.

However, it has come to my attention that the real reason that we haven’t played it a lot is…

It doesn’t have Daleks in the base set!

The image above was posted on by Mark Chaplin. Click on the image to visit the original page on bgg. If you’d like to read a comprehensive review, click here.

Despite not playing BL much, I do have a couple of the expansions, and plan to get more; although games like StarCraft, Descent and Agricola are also competing for my money…


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