A Grey Weekend

It’s been overcast this weekend, so our solar-powered batteries haven’t had much of a chance to recharge (the generator is running as I type this).

So, what have I been doing?

* Reading. I’ve just picked up Katherine Kerr’s thirteenth Deverry book, which I finished reading this morning. This is a series I’ve been enjoying since my first year in University (back in 1990… I’m getting old!), and I live in hope it’ll be completed one of these days. What I particularly like about this series is the way it handles reincarnation, with the 500+ year scope of the book having souls being reborn and having to handle issues that cropped up in their previous lives.

* More reading. Chris Bunch is (was? is? – he sadly died in 2005) one of the second or third-tier fantasy writers that I occasionally enjoy. I picked up his Dragonmaster trilogy recently, and I’m half-way through it. I started it today… yes, I read quickly.

* Playing solo games. Mostly Agricola (3 games) and Arkham Horror (5 games). Both are good games when played solo, although Arkham Horror is just a tad difficult. I was also desperately unlucky in one game… on 26 d6 rolls, I only managed to get 3 rolls of 5+.

* Listening to the football (aussie rules) on the radio. Hawthorn won again. Yay!

* Watching JAG season one. Strange. About the only non-Sci Fi/Fantasy series I watch on TV are by David Bellisario. Of course, Quantum Leap was theoretically Sci-Fi. JAG I missed during its day, but due to its NCIS connection (a show I really enjoy), I’ve started picking it up on DVD. JB finally put season one on special (from aus$50 to aus$30), so I now have it. I was watching it whilst Dad & Glenda used the computer, if you’re wondering how I had the power. :^)

That’s about it for this weekend. I remain mostly divorced from EN World and the other D&D sites, as I really can’t be bothered with a lot of the chatter about 4e. I’m tremendously interested in 4e, but there’s not really enough information out there… and a lot of people making concrete claims based on shifting sands. Hmm. I might need to work on that metaphor a bit…

Oh, and I’ve been playing Scrabulous and Scramble on facebook. One turn per day sort of stuff. I’m always open for another game. 🙂

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