1. ptlee

    yay, thanks! I saw a version of this on youtube that looked like someone with a camera in a theater; good to see a clean version!

    I’ve been watching torchwood season 2 the last few weeks; much better than the first season. Not sure if you’ve managed to catch the show yet?

    And also been reveling in the old school; picked up Destiny of the Daleks and Planet of Evil this past weekend on DVD. Yay! They stood up much better than I expected, especially considering I hadn’t seen either stories for 20 years or so…


    • merricb

      I’ve seen all of Torchwood season 1, but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to see season 2 – whether any Aussie TV station will show it is still up in the air. 😦 I may need to just wait until I can get it on DVD.

      I’ve also started an old-school DVD collection: the Davros Collection (5 dalek stories: genesis, destiny, resurrection, revelation, and remembrance) and The Invasion, a Troughton Cyberman story I’d never seen.

      And yes, the version you saw was most likely taken by a camera in a cinema…


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