Game collection numbers

Ok, ok…

I own…

…21 AmeriTheme boardgames
…19 Collectible card games
…39 Eurogames (boardgames)
…4 miniature games
…14 wargames
…5 “classic” style boardgames
…45 expansions to those boardgames (AmeriTheme, Euro & Wargame)

Actual board/wargames? 74. Getting towards that 100 figure! 😉

RPG numbers? Fairly low. Lots of D&D 3e and 1e supplements, though!


  1. asmor

    AmeriTheme? Is that some polite version of “Ameritrash?”

    Did you just count your games manually, or is there something on BGG or elsewhere which categorizes them like that?


    • merricb

      AmeriTheme – pretty much; it comes from the idea that a bunch of my games work from the theme first and then derive the mechanics.

      I counted the games sort of manually – I got my list from BGG, put it in excel, put a tag next to each game to see what it was, then sorted.



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