My game of chess with Randy has finally finished in my favour. (In my other game… Rich, it’s your turn!) 😉

I really don’t play chess that often; this is my first game in some years, and I’m rusty… so is Randy, IIRC. Give me a nice game of Carcassonne, Balloon Cup or Twilight Struggle instead. However, it’s a nice break when we haven’t been able to see each other much recently.

Though whether Randy wants a rematch (or would rather face me in Scrabble) is unknown. ^_^


    • merricb

      Hmm – I went looking and couldn’t find you. (Rather, I couldn’t find the cthulhu avatar!) I’m probably easier to find: Merric Blackman, and there can’t be many of me. 🙂 (My avatar is the same as on EN World).


      • tallarn

        I’m struggling to find you on Facebook as well.

        Tell you what – add redmole_ghost “at” to your email address and then have a go finding me through Friend Finder. Or send me your email address and I’ll do the same.


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