Goodbye Talisman… again!

In one of the surprise developments of the new year, BL Publishing has decided to shut down Black Industries, the arm of the company responsible for the Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2nd edition, Dark Heresy and the recent successful relaunch of the Talisman board game.

Ryan Dancey probably is nodding his head somewhere at this news of Games Workshop’s continued withdrawing from the marketplace, for BL Publishing is just an arm of GW.

So, my hopes of the 4th edition of Talisman proceeding into further expansions are now dashed.

Do I have a collector’s edition? I may have now.


One comment

  1. hubcap_reloaded

    This is…. odd. I knew GW wasn’t as healthy as before but it seemed in RPG circles that WFRP had a decent enough rep, and Talisman was a release well anticipated by some people. And also, since it’s all made on license, why would they not just leave Green Ronin to their own aims?

    Then again, this may be a case of “everyone online raves about it, but real people don’t touch it”: and since BI products didn’t get the real bounty of being for sale in GW stores, they were always gonna suffer a bit.

    George Q


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