Zombies, Gaming and Gleemax

I’ve just posted my “Last Night on Earth” session reports/review on gleemax, copying it over from boardgamegeek. I’m getting back into the swing of not only playing games regularly (after the disruption of Christmas), but also of writing about them.

Gleemax is still a disaster. If it doesn’t get a patch before the end of January, I’d say that whoever was responsible for commissioning it should be sacked. That it’s still this bad is unacceptable.

We got to play a new TomWham game yesterday that Mike had bought: Battling Space Ships. I’ll post a report about it after Mike gets some photos to me.

One comment

  1. charlesatan

    Yey, more gaming for Merric!

    Alas, I doubt that until Gleemax moves into its Beta, there will still be some problems (although I am supporting Gleemax… Gleemax is my master…).


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