Long time, no posts

I’ve been a bit lax in posting recently, partly due to the weather (it’s been hot, and I’ve been exhausted), and also because I just haven’t been in the mood for writing anything recently!

(I’ve gotten tremendously behind on writing session reports on BoardGameGeek, for instance…)

I’ve just been working my way through some Jack McDevitt books. McDevitt is a really good science-fiction writer, whose work I first got to know through the remainder bin at Book City a few years ago. The book was his standout “The Engines of God”. It is one of my favourite SF books, but, due to being in Ballarat and without a good bookshop, I wasn’t really aware of his other work. Well, I’d picked up Eternity Road and A Talent for War, but there were several other books, as I discovered when I visited Minotaur Books in Melbourne last month.

And not just other books he’s written! Sequels! Polaris and Seeker are the sequels for A Talent for War, and there are five sequels to The Engines of God! Alas, I could only find the first two sequels, but I have them now, and now I really, really want Omega.

Apart from that, I’ve been playing games. 1960: The Making of the President. Advanced Squad Leader. (I’ve actually started playing with the full thing, having picked up Beyond Valour recently).

Precious little roleplaying, alas! My groups have packed up for the summer. We’ll restart this Friday with D&D – Savage Tide. After that, it’s onto Star Wars next weekend. Yay! Finally I get to play Saga edition. (And play it… probably as a noble). Mind you, are there many good noble talents? Any good noble style prestige classes? Officer is the only one I’ve found…

Where’s “Prince of Alderaan” as a prestige class? 😉

I’ve almost stopped reading EN World. The whiners – especially Joe Kushner – are getting me down.


  1. tallarn

    I know what you mean about ENWorld. I went back on after Xmas yesterday, and it was difficult to actually bother to read some of it – the responses to everything seem to be so negative.

    Personally, I’m still really enjoying the idea of 4e and looking forward to it, and nothing is going to change that!


  2. srhall79

    My group should be picking up our Pathfinder game on Thursday, then have a couple sessions before one of them starts a new job with lots of traveling. On the plus side, the schedule change might allow some long weekend games. Though I’ve had some good board game sessions, I miss D&D.

    especially Joe Kushner

    Tell me about it. “WotC hasn’t changed their business plan in response to my complaints. I know, I’ll say the same thing again but LOUDER.”

    That reminds me- what are your thoughts on the online Dragon?


    • merricb

      I think that eventually Online Dragon will be a great resource. At present, it’s really suffering because all the designers are consumed with getting 4e ready! 🙂


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