Woohoo – the Traitor’s Gambit is out!

Yay! The Traitor’s Gambit – the first part of the Star Wars Saga edition campaign Dawn of Defiance – has been released. This is a campaign that I expect to actually play in – probably as a Human Noble – with Martin GMing the game.

Do you have a date you want to start, Martin? Who else will be playing?

(Oh, and congratulations to Rodney and the rest of the SW team for getting this ready for us. )

I had plans of playing a Jedi, but I must say that playing a vanilla noble sounds more fun. Having good Diplomacy skills is a good start for any of my characters. Intelligence and Charisma – those are the most important attributes! (Back in the days of my very first AD&D campaign character, I thought Charisma wasn’t important. I’ve definitely changed since then!)

One comment

  1. tallarn

    I’ve very much come to the same conclusion.

    I find that playing low Cha characters always makes me feel like I can’t be a real hero. After all, if you’re not inspiring, or don’t have a strong personality (which is another feature of Cha) then why would anyone be interested in your opinions or follow your exploits? This does now tend to mean that any character I play ends up with at least a Cha of 12 – we’ll have to see how this works out in 4th edition D&D.


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