Bits and pieces

I’ve almost managed to get rid of the pile of reports I’ve been proofreading. It’s not the proofreading that is painful – that’s pretty easy, all things considered – it’s then changing them on the system. Eep.

Still, getting these ones right would be nice, because I have to print them all out on Saturday. There goes another 6+ hours of my life.

In the meantime, I’ve been posting on EN World, and playing around on Facebook. You can play Scrabble on Facebook. I haven’t played Scrabble for… err… I’m almost going to guess something like 30 years. It’s not a game I ever played much, and I was really, really young when I last played it. And probably with an incomplete set.

I’ve got a bunch of books (fantasy and sci-fi) piling up on my bedside table, but I’ve been spending my at-home time watching episodes of NCIS. Yeah, I’m hooked. I bought seasons 1-3 for the grand total of AUS$99, and it’s very nice to see the episodes I missed. I came into the show late in season 3.

Now I’m waiting for Doctor Who season 3 to come out on DVD here in Australia – I think it may have just come out.

Randy and Sarah are back from their trips, so I hope I’ll get to see them sometime soon.

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