250 session reports!

I’ve now written over 250 session reports on www.boardgamegeek.com. Wow.

It was a fairly light weekend as far as gaming went – a couple of games of Battletech against Sarah on Friday; a game of Iron Heroes with Martin, Craig, Peggy and Adam on Friday night, and then some evening boardgames with Randy on Saturday night – Memoir ’44, Twilight Struggle, and Battletech.

The Battletech Introductory Boxed Set and the Starterbook: Sword and Dragon are turning out to be really, really good purchases. They cost me under aus$80 in all – great value, especially as I’ve already gotten about 8 hours gaming from them.

We also got a lot of rain (40mm) on Saturday night. It was fun playing TS with Randy as the rain came down (along with some thunder and lightning!)

Sunday and Monday I read quite a bit: rereading Anne Bishop’s The Black Jewels trilogy, which I adore; also a couple of new purchases: Jeri Ready-Smith’s Voice of Crow, and Pamela Freeman’s Blood Ties. They were both surprisingly good – the latter is by an Australian writer. I’m looking forward to seeing how the series pans out.

There are posters on EN World who seem to think that there isn’t much good new fantasy – they must be reading different books than I am, because I’m amazed by how much really good material there is out there. I’ve just picked up Stephen Donaldson’s Fatal Revenant – the second book in The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. I don’t read many books that are harder to read than Donaldson’s, but the ideas are really worth it.

I also had a solo game of Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit #2 on Sunday afternoon – took me less than 2 hours, which is pretty good going. I think I’m really getting the hang of these starter rules. Playing with artillery was interesting. Still, I don’t know if I’ll ever try the full rules – when it comes to WW2 wargames, I think I’m amply served by Memoir ’44 and Combat Commander: Europe. But we’ll see…


    • merricb

      My heavy weekend is coming up. Once/fortnight is a light weekend, the other is a heavy weekend.

      Light Weekend:
      Friday afternoon (2-6): D&D/boardgames
      Friday evening (7-11): Iron Heroes or some other RPG I don’t run.
      Saturday evening (5-midnight): boardgaming with Randy (sometimes)

      Heavy weekend:
      Friday afternoon (2-6): D&D/boardgames
      Friday evening (7-11): D&D – Savage Tide
      Saturday afternoon/evening (2-midnight): boardgames
      Sunday afternoon (2-6): D&D – homebrew.

      At present the Friday afternoons are mostly boardgames (if that), but for most of the last 3 years they’ve been D&D sessions. Alas, my friends have been becoming unavailable at those times.



  1. srhall79

    rereading Anne Bishop’s The Black Jewels trilogy, which I adore

    I don’t seem to run into many fans of this. My wife got me reading it before we were officially dating, and I’ve read it a couple of times now.


  2. merricb

    I discovered it last year – after first reading her “World of the Fae” trilogy, which I also think is excellent. Alas, the original covers of the Black Jewels trilogy are uniformly awful – the newer covers are better, and I’d almost buy a new set if I could find a set with the new covers…

    April 2008 will see the release of a new “Black Jewels” novel – “Tangled Webs”, so I’m really looking forward to it. 🙂


    • srhall79

      Oh, yes, the new covers look great. I ended up buying the trade paperback collection of the three.

      I knew I’d heard there was a new book coming out, just couldn’t remember when. Probably, like with the last Harry Potter book, I’ll pick it up on the release day, read it in 2-3 days, and pass it on to my wife.


  3. sir_ollibolli

    16+ games for a complete round. Eastern wind changes every time another player wins the game. When the first player becomes east wind again, the wind of the round changes from East to South etc.

    16 games + the amount of games won by players in the East Wind position. (about 20-25)


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