The weekend

This has been a dreadful week. Not in terms of all that much, just that I’ve been ill with a really nasty cold. So, Monday-Wednesday was basically feel really, really awful, and Thu-Fri was slowly climb out of the abyss. I had to cancel my Friday Star Wars session because I wasn’t up to running it. (I really think that game is jinxed!)

Last weekend, I got to play in the Lorwyn prerelease, go to Peggy’s birthday, and I picked up the 4th edition of Talisman. Cool!

This weekend a few friends came over to play boardgames. You’d think I’d get to play Talisman, right? Alas, no!

We ended up playing a big 6-player game of the World of Warcraft boardgame. I generally found it a lot of fun, even if it went overlong and overlate. (4-1/2 hours long, and to later than 1am). Randy, Rob and I, playing the Horde, eventually defeated the Overlord and won the game.

Mind you, it was interesting: three players (esp. Josh) reached 5th level, which is really, really rare.

I still want to play Talisman!

Apart from WoW, Mike (mdr), Randy and I had a game of Power Grid. Good game, very, very close – I won over Randy on the tiebreak, with Mike only slightly behind. I’m not sure that Mike will be behind next game…

Randy and I had a 2-player game of San Juan that saw our scores tied, and me win on the tiebreak. Heh. And somehow, Rob, Rich, Josh and Craig played a 2-1/2 hour game of Thurn und Taxis. Weird. It’s not really that long a game, but they hadn’t played it more than once or twice before.

We started with Drakon. I lost that badly. We actually ran out of tiles. Craig dead-ended himself, and had to watch the rest of us floundering about until finally the game ended. (Took about an hour, longest game yet – feels different with 6 players).

Oh, and we finally got a game of Dune. Very, very happy. Randy won as the Harkonnens in turn 4. That made me very sad – I was playing the Bene Gesserit witches, and I’d predicted he’d win.. in turn 5. (which would have given me the game!)

I’m a little short of sleep today, though I’ve been posting on various messageboards (mainly EN World and the Talisman boards).


    • merricb

      Depends whether you like Talisman. 🙂 It’s a game I was introduced to in my (extreme) youth, so I have a lot of nostalgia towards it. I think it’s a great, fun fantasy game, much better than any other contendor (such as Runebound), but it’s not a deep strategy game. Rather a bit of light fun for 1-2 hours.

      The production values are excellent (with the exception of some tokens for tracking your current Strength, Craft & Life). Love the new artwork.



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