A couple of new points from the Wizards blogs:

Logan Bonner:
I’m slotted for D&D Minis work for the next several weeks. This will be interesting. I wasn’t all that familiar with the old game, so working on the new one will probably be easier than trying to learn the old one. I think the list for set 17 looks pretty cool. I worked on Monster Manual V, so I’m glad to see some of those creatures turn up as minis.

Stephen Schubert
In the back of my mind, I’m deliberating the best way to get input on the minis for inclusion in the All-Stars set (for those not aware, we’re updating quite a few minis from earlier D&D Minis sets so they can be used in our relaunch of the game next year). Having a big list of 692 minis in a poll doesn’t seem particularly good — I think we need to somehow break it up into smaller chunks, otherwise we’d only have about 50 meaningful responses. I’m reading all the various threads on the subject, so feel free to offer your own suggestions.

One comment

  1. Anonymous

    The updates need to be made to mainly the rares, with some important uncommons. By this I mean; unique charaters, dragons, & all iconic monsters (beholder, pit fiend, purple wurm, Umber Hulk, etc.). You should consider releasing sets of updated cards that people could buy for a group of creatures (Aberrations, Giants, Magical Beasts, Outsiders, etc), instead of walking away from so many figures!


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