Boardgame Session Reports!

I’ve almost finished writing all the reports for the boardgame sessions I played over the weekend. I’ve still got one game of War of the Ring to write up, which I played against Sarah on Friday afternoon. (Sarah won as Sauron).

Yspahan vs Daniel & Sarah
War of the Ring vs Sarah

Family Business vs Craig, Mike, Rich and Randy
Yspahan vs Mike and Randy
San Juan vs Mike and Randy
Power Grid vs Randy, Mike, Randy and Rich
Imperial vs Craig and Mike
Colosseum vs Randy, Rich, Mike and Craig
Carcassonne vs Rich, Randy, Mike and Craig

Also played on Saturday
BattleLore: Craig vs Meg (2 games, 1-1)
Ra: Rich vs Craig vs Meg
Shogun: Rich, Troy, Patrick & Randy

Once I finish the War of the Ring report, that’ll bring my total of BGG reports to 173. That’s a lot of reports… it puts me in 20th place on the “most session reports” list on bgg. I’m a long, long way off Greg Schloesser’s record of 2,292 and counting, though!


  1. sir_ollibolli

    Family Business is a classic to bring out the rivalry in each other.
    I love this game.

    Carcassonne is also excellent as a 2-player game. I always play it against my girlfriend on www., while we are separated during weekdays.


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