Torchwood – Out of Time

To call Torchwood erratic in quality is simply stating an obvious truth: the scripts are all over the place. Characterisation is a mess. Although Gwen and Captain Jack – when he gets something to do – fare pretty well, the rest tend to go between invisible and somewhat annoying.

Do the writers get things write? Yes, occasionally. Last night’s episode was one of the better ones. It’s title might apply to its screening in Australia, or to the actual story. I really enjoyed it, and I can’t say that about every episode of the show.

Captain Jack finally got some decent on-air time, as did both Gwen and – for a big surprise – Owen. Tosh and Ianto were invisible, but you can’t have everything. The supporting cast was great, and I really hope we see Diane again.

So, ten episodes in and three to go. How do I rate the show? Fairly enjoyable.

The best episodes so far: #3 (Ghost Machine); #5 (Small Worlds); #8 (They Keep Killing Suzie); #10 (Out of Time).

The worst? #2 (Day One). I’m not fond of #4 (Cyberwoman) that much either.

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