D&D Minis 2.0

D&D Minis 2.0

So Fourth Edition will be a new rule set based on d20, but not remotely compatible. What’s that mean for the minis game? Effectively, this is D&D Minis 2.0 as well. Starting with Dungeons of Dread in April of 2008, D&D Minis sets will use Fourth Edition rules. According to Slavicsek, “All your plastic will still be usable, but your stat cards will need to be updated.” However, you’ll be able to get updated stat cards for free on Wizards’ website for Unhallowed and the sets printed since. In addition, there will be a sort of all-star set of updated cards available for download that will include updated stats for the figs getting the most tournament play. And of course, there’s always room for re-releasing popular figs in post-Fourth expansions of the future.


  1. Anonymous

    well, there goes all my 3.0/3.5 purchases … and bunches of minis won’t have useful rules anymore, either.i was wondering what that stupid ‘4adventure’ countdown on the wizards web site was all about. now that i know, i’m not that thrilled.


  2. Anonymous

    wizards should release a set of non’randomized cards for each of the older sets of minis…or put them online atleast….it is not right for them to do this to a loyal following of gamers and cutomers


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