More details on the Starter Set

From Linae Foster:
Release date: April 4, 2008
US MSRP: $14.99
5 non-random minis
Stat cards
2 double-sided battle maps
d20 w/ custom pip (not a spindown)

Other good to know stuff: The five minis are exclusive to the starter. They will not be included in the randomized boosters being simultaneously released. The minis and d20 will be fully visible through a clear blister.

There will be 60 minis in DoD2, packaged randomly 8 per booster. There will be 5 minis in the starter, packaged non-randomly.The starter is not part of DoD2 per se, but is being released at the same time.

From Stephen Schubert:
Much of the information reported in the catalog is correct, with some minor changes that occurred after the catalog went to press. There are two double-sided maps in the starter box.The Gelatinous Cube is not in Dungeons of Dread. We’ll have more details at GenCon.

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