Looking for a Magic deck…

My room is normally a mess. This is for two reasons: One, I’m messy. Two, I don’t have enough room to store everything properly, which exacerbates One.

I’m currently doing my biannual clean-up of the room, and one part of that cleaning up is putting away all the CCG cards that end up in odd places about my room. As I’ve picked up a couple of nice cards recently from Future Sight, it also involves rebuilding a few decks.

The only trouble is… I can’t find the deck I want to rebuild, nor the cards that make it up. Hmm.

The deck in question is an infinite turn deck. The main part of it is an old card called Magistrate’s Sceptre: when it gets 3 charge counters on it, you can tap it to gain an extra turn. Well, Future Sight added another card or two to help that along. So, Blue/Green infinite turns (and saprolings?), here we come!

However, the deck isn’t where I thought it might be. Nor in the place I thought it might also be. Nor in the place it shouldn’t be but I checked just in case.

Hmm. Have I left it at someone’s house (unlikely), or has it just found a new place in my room to hide. Probably the latter, but it’s driving me crazy.

I’ve found my Star Wars CCG (Decipher) decks, and my Babylon 5 decks, but this one Magic deck? No sign.

I definitely need more shelves, though.


    • merricb

      Yeah, somewhat. At times. Replace all the junk on the floor with Magic Cards (at the present moment), and you’ve got my room.

      The deck used a bunch of cards to put extra charge counters on the Sceptres, then tap the Sceptre to take an extra turn. Next turn, use the cards again, tap Sceptre, repeat. 🙂



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