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Stephen Schubert speaking on Wizards employees posting on boards… (originally posted on

Generally, the same discussions are had on all 4 sites (WotC, MM, HL, and GH — and enworld to a much lesser degree), and by many of the same people. In fact, there are a number of occasions where a single poster cross-posts to multiple boards.

I do pay attention to the various discussions, but haven’t yet felt the need to post at ddmspoilers. Really, what could I say. I think it’s better for me to stay out of discussing leaks like the most recent one, for a variety of reasons. And in many cases the things I’d post are already echoed by some of the participants (things like “these might be rejects” or “WotC’s gonna be cranky” or “$200 for 3 boosters? you gotta be kidding me”).

I’d also find myself trying to explain our reasoning why we don’t want leaks, and its not worth trying to argue with those that think they are a good thing. Primarily because in order for such people to be convinced otherwise, they’d have to see my perspective — which I can’t provide entirely because it isn’t appropriate for me to elaborate on the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on. (There’s alot of misconceptions out there about how our company works, beyond just DDM ‘security’, and those misconceptions have fueled much more heated debate recently.)

On a slightly different note, there was once a time when I went to a page set up by one Amurayi, to get the latest info on AF and GoL. I was excited each time he got a new tidbit, and I appreciated his providing that venue to collect all those hints and leaks. It helped build my excitement and anticipation for the DDM game, before I got this job and started working on the line. I can see the value in other sites that offer a similar experience.

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