Torchwood – Everything Changes

I got to see the first episode of Torchwood last night when it screened on Australian screens – and more importantly, my screen – last night. Hmm. Not quite as good as I’d hope the first episode would be.

Still, it’s early days. I’m just trying to get over the Welsh accent Gwen has – it’s not one I hear very often at all.

Boy, I hated watching it with ads, though. Why couldn’t the ABC pick this up instead of Channel 10?

Best reference of the night was to the other Torchwood facilities: Torchwood One in London was destroyed in the Battle of Canary Wharf; Torchwood Two is an office in Glasgow, run by someone described as a “very strange man”; and Torchwood Four is missing, but “we’ll find it one day.” Anyone notice the resemblance to Babylon 4?

Anyway, Doctor Who itself returns next week. Cool!

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