More gaming

Well, on Wednesday evening I headed off to Randy’s place for some food, games and TV. I really enjoyed myself, and I must thank Randy and Meagan for having me over.

After dinner, Randy and I settled down to a few short games before Heroes began. We began with two games of Memoir ’44, which were closely contested affairs – we each won one, and each could have gone either way. See my unreliable session reports for more details.

After those games, with about 40 minutes before Heroes started, we had one game of Balloon Cup, which I managed to win. I really love that game – it’s a simple 2-player game. We’ve played 3 games now, of which I’ve won one.

We settled down to a very civilised showing of Heroes – complete with chips, chocolate, and coca-cola. It was a really good episode (more Christopher Ecclestone! Yay!), so all the better.

Then I toddled off home, taking with me the games the Randy had acquired for me down in Melbourne the previous day. Strange, that. Randy and I had both made lists of the games we wanted and posted them on multiply; we’d edited them a bit before Randy left, but mostly they were the same. What was strange is that all of my games (with one exception) were in stock, almost none of Randy’s were. Randy just had to content himself with a few other wargames.

The game that I couldn’t get? Well, Randy jinxed it – it was on his list as well! Pillars of the Earth.

So, I’m now the proud owner of…

  • Twilight Imperium, 3rd edition
  • Shogun
  • Imperial
  • Advanced Squad Leader, Starter Kit #1
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Ticket to Ride: 1910 Expansion
  • Complete Champion

Hmm – Complete Champion only cost me about aus$35… it’s US$35. How does that work?\

(Those comparing that list to my previously posted list will note a few games missing… simply, I decided I didn’t want to spend quite that much money; Pillars was the only game on the list I sent with Randy that wasn’t available).

Randy and Meagan – once again: thanks!


  1. merricb

    Heh. So does my old Doctor Who: The Game of Time and Space (and that was released back in the 80s!).

    At present, I’m getting about 7-8 hours of D&D gaming a week, along with about 8-12 hours of boardgaming a fortnight. I’m quite happy, in fact!

    I haven’t been that interested in the OotS boardgame, primarily due to poor reviews: that it takes too long, in particular.



  2. hubcap_reloaded

    Considering the Aussie exchange rate, that does sound like an interesting price. best not to complain, eh? :>

    (Don’t mind me: I’m an ENWorlder who clocked you on Mousferatu’s LJ and always found you one of the more interesting posters on that board, espeically since you actually post about more than one topic: see, OD&D, Scarred Lands, Planescape…. 😉 )

    George Q


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