Complete Champion

G’day, all!

This new addition to the D&D “Complete” series is due out Real Soon Now(tm) – if I’m lucky, it’ll be out when I go down to Melbourne this weekend. There are excerpts on the Wizards site for those interested.

Apparently there is a reserve feat that allows you to heal… 3 hp/level of the highest-level healing spell you have prepared. Wow.



  1. charlesatan

    Looking forward to it too… except the supposed “distributor” here stopped distributing D&D books (but they’re well-stocked on the Miniatures) and I have to rely on my local comic store to “smuggle” the latest releases.


    • merricb

      What an absolute pain. That’s even worse than my situation – where my LGS is no longer friendly or reasonable in their price. Well, that’s not quite true: I like the new management, but the prices are about 50% higher than Melbourne. So, off to Melbourne again.


      • merricb

        Drow is a lesser book to me, I must admit. I haven’t picked up Expedition to the Demonweb Pits yet, though, so I’ll get that…

        …and likely a bunch of boardgames. Shogun is moving towards the top of my list. 🙂


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