Wishlists and collection

Heh. I’ve been updating my wishlist and collection comments and ratings on boardgamegeek.

My board game collection

My board game wishlist

So many games I want. So many games I have. I don’t really don’t have time to play them all, although I try. I’ve got a game of War of the Ring this Friday, then a game of Die Macher lined up for the following weekend. After that, I must see if I can play the World of Warcraft boardgame again!



  1. charlesatan

    I think the bigger problem is finding a group to play those board games. =) Much easier than organizing an RPG game (less time investment) but still necessitating the gathering of similar-minded people.

    Also wish someone would distribute those board games in my part of the world. =)


    • merricb

      I’m really lucky – I have a nice group of players who meet about 1/month for a day of boardgaming. We had 11 at the last day, which ran for 12 hours. Ok, not everyone was there all the time, but still…

      There are also quite a few good 2-player games – Memoir ’44, War of the Ring, BattleLore, San Juan, and so forth – that I get to play with my friends when only one is available.

      Having a nice distributor for you would be nice, I admit.

      Oh, time investment. Right. True for most of my favourite games. Not true for the World of Warcraft boardgame. Generally takes 3-5 hours. ^_^


      • merricb

        Wow. Our last go at the Game of Thrones (with 6 players and mostly newbies) took less time than that… closer to 3 hours? Of course, we didn’t do nearly enough diplomacy with the other players!



        I generally much prefer quick eurogames. That said, as I’m angling for another game of World of Warcraft: TBG, I can’t be entirely picky there. ^_^


      • charlesatan

        Usually it takes us around 4-5 hours. The 12-hour game was an aberration.

        The expansion speeded up play though. =)

        What’s annoying about A Game of Thrones however is the setup time. Compare it to something like Ticket to Ride for example…


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