Various Tidbits

On the Mount rules, posted by Pegasus Knight on hordelings:
“And I don’t have much more on it than that. Shoe did speak to me at length about DoD, but it never occurred to me to ask if it would be a starter set or not. He did however tell me that they would probably not be updating old printings of creatures to become mounts – that is, the old Deathknell Griffon and Angelfire Celestial Pegasus probably won’t receive errata-style updating.

“He also mentioned that most likely, riders will be taken off-map and placed atop the stat card of the creature they’re riding. This was not a final answer, just a ‘this is very likely’ response from him; it seems that there weren’t many ways to get rider minis onto mount minis that were affordable and look decent.

“Just to stress…those weren’t final answers, just what Shoe indicated at XP were fairly likely outcomes on both of those aspects of the set.”

Linae Foster posted in the same thread on a few issues…

* We don’t have an official order for when we release starters or huge sets. It’s entertaining to watch the speculation from my POV. Rest assured: there is a starter set in the very near future. You heard it from me first!

* Get out there and buy some and the [Fantastic Locations] line will last! We can’t support a product that doesn’t sell.

* “Guy Fullerton needs a break”: Of course he does! We all need a break. He’s been under a lot of pressure lately, both visible to the public and behind the scenes. I don’t blame him for needing to take time away.

* On the new format for rules & judges: Look at this as WotC’s recognition of, and committment to, the continued growth of the game. We’re adjusting our ways to accomodate the needs of our fans.

* On Mat Smith’s preview articles: Mat Smith writes the articles in his spare time – beyond his standard full time job. Sometimes he’s late but that’s just cuz we keep him busy with tons of “for pay” work.

Ian Richards also posted on the future of DDM Tournaments:

“I have a feeling it’s the end of Skirmish as we know it. They are either preparing for a drastic simplification next year, or are abandoning it altogether for lack of interest (and to focus on Dreamblade).” – a worried DDM player

Thank you I needed cheering up and this made me smile.

There’s nothing wrong with DDM we’re actually increasing coverage and focus trying to broarden the success we’ve had. Just check out the new feeder events on the website from across Europe 😎

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