The changing NetRep role

Guy Fullerton, one of the stalwarts of the D&D Miniatures community, has taken a leave of absence from his NetRep position at Wizards of the Coast. Comments by Ian Richards, program manager of the RPGA indicate that the NetRep role may be disappearing.

You can read the full commentary and discussion on this matter on the Wizards boards.

Ian Richards said:
“I feel the need to make a statement about the future of the net rep responsibilities.

“After talking to Guy about many issues we will be changing the role and responsibilities going forward.

“Basically we will move to answer rules questions in a different manner. This may well be as a column like Dispell Confusion and this will be published on a regular basis.

“The pros.
” This will be very much easier to sort through and find information.
“This will have a fixed time for publishing so would be much easier to find and read without regularly haunting the boards.
“Will be less intense on upkeep for the person(s) responsible for it’s upkeep.
“They will be official and open to debate but not arguement.

“The cons:
“Will be less responsive. Your question may be answered in a few weeks in a regular update or never if a total corner case.
“It’ll be faceless as it will not be a single individual answering the column.
“They will be official and open to debate but not arguement.

“I want to manage your expectations on the results of these necessary changes to the net rep role. Guy has been huge in helping etch out the community and has gone above and beyond on all too many occasions. We now need to help Guy, or whoever fills that position in the future, ensure the role is manageable.

“Take care for now.”

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