Eight Kings…

Not D&D Miniatures news, but more personal:

Eight Kings, the final part of Robert J. Kuntz’s Maze of Zayene series, has been published. I was involved in the d20 System conversion of the module, and so it has my name in it. I’m rather proud of this, as you might imagine.

Eight Kings details a strange demi-plane in which the rightful king of the land is imprisoned by a powerful wizard. Within, you’ll find strange outerplanar creatures, fabulous artefacts, unusual (and deadly) tricks and traps and hopefully even the king himself!

Although it is the final part of a series, it does stand alone rather well. A little tinkering with the set-up, and you have an exciting (dangerous) adventure for your players! 😉

Interested? Go and visit the Different Worlds product page for Eight Kings!

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