Sunday’s game session

Well, another Sunday has come and gone. The regular gang got together for the continuing adventures of our Greyhawk game, and we also got in a few board games.

In fact, we had a few games of Magic; and two games of Settlers of Catan – including the Cities and Knights expansion that I’ve only bought a couple of weeks ago.

The board games were fun. Julian won the first C&K game (as he did the other two we played a week ago), and I won the second. This was mainly because Julian decided to sit out the third game. Julian has played a lot of Settlers online. 🙂

Unlike the majority of my D&D games, I decided to go miniature heavy for this one. I’d managed to acquire most of the miniatures I needed, so the PCs continued their adventure on the Astral Plane (although they didn’t realise that was where they were). The Githyanki they’d encountered in the previous session offered them a deal:

Kill the invaders who have taken over one of our outposts, and we’ll take you back to the Material plane. The PCs agreed, and I had my adventure.

Map Folio I came in very useful here – I used the maps of the Githyanki Citadel in it as props the PCs could determine the layout of the outpost they were attacking. Into it they went, without any idea what they were facing. 🙂

In the end it turned out to be Gargoyles, Grimlocks, a Gauth, and two Mind Flayers. (Yes, today’s session is brought to you by the letters “G”, “M” and the number “2”). This was also my chance to have fun with the Expanded Psionics Handbook… the Mind Flayers kept on healing themselves as a quickened action. (Damn that Astral Plane!) The combats were fun and furious.

My miniature collection boasts 2 Mind Flayers, 13 Grimlocks, 3 Gauths, 8 Zombies and about 20+ Skeletons. One of the Mind Flayers was a 5th level cleric; that explained the skeletons and zombies I forgot to mention earlier. Mere sword fodder that Julian, playing his paladin “Blake”, turned with ease.

Gofa’s Sorceress/Mindbender “Cassie” discovered exactly how useful Melf’s Acid Arrow is, especially against creatures with improbably Spell Resistances. (She needed a 20 on a d20 to affect the Clerical Mind Flayer with her fireballs or magic missiles!)

Greg’s Ranger/Wizard/Eldritch Knight “Lukas” performed admirably, using bow, spell and sword all well, and he also was the healer of the party with a wand of cure light wounds.

This is not to forget Ben’s Rogue/Fighter/Duelist “D’arcy”, who used a magical longsword against everything, especially the Gargoyles, at least when he wasn’t facing a Mind Flayer.

The first Mind Flayer used Mind Blast to stun him for 9 rounds – the rest of the combat, as it happened – the second Dominated him and used him to attack Blake. Fairly ineffectively, it turned out. His dice hated him this session. (A puny +2 on his Will save wasn’t good against the Mind Flayers!)

In the end, the party were victorious. They got a lot of treasure – primarily art objects – and Blake got a +4 shield, which he’s very happy with. 🙂

Next session, back to the Great Kingdom. Gofa’s going to miss the session, so I think I may run a rogue-themed session to give D’arcy something to do.

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