Of Chickens and Warbands

I ended the last entry of this blog with an unexpected postscript: a hen had become a mother. I can now tell you that there are two little baby chickens running about, coloured black and white like all the other chickens this hen has hatched out. Now I have to worry about a fox or cat getting them. (Surely not Lily!)

I spent part of today being frustrated at work, still waiting for a couple of computers to be built so I can test my newest program on them. Unfortunately those computers are being frustrating all on their own, and am annoying my colleagues even more than me. They just don’t want to come together.

I also managed to write a review of Archfiends, although it may be a few days before it gets posted on the 3rdedition.org site; it has to be edited and then posted. It’s not a trivial procedure, alas! (There’s also a review of Dragoneye in the pipeline – I finally got around to writing that one during Easter. Well, three months late isn’t that bad…)

While I was waiting for my cooking fire to get going this evening, I built a couple of 200 point warbands that I intend to use tomorrow afternoon in my regular Friday Magic and Miniatures session at my other FLGS.

I haven’t many packs of Archfiends yet, so I’m using what I’ve got so far.

Dragon Fury (LG, 200 points)

  • Large Silver Dragon
  • Cleric of Moradin
  • Cleric of Lathander
  • Soldier of Cormyr
  • Dalelands Militia
  • Ember, Human Monk

Obviously, the bulk of the army is in the Large Silver Dragon. The Cleric of Lathander is one of two LG miniatures I possess with magic weapon, which the Large Silver Dragon needs desperately. I don’t have Mialee yet; I almost resorted to using the Evoker’s Apprentice!

The Dalelands Militia is there as part of the “Come to me” strategy. Any figure with a ranged attack ensures that the opponent can’t just get into a defensive stance and wait for you. The Cleric of Moradin is there simple for shield of faith. Ember is in the warband because I like her. 😉

The other warband I built is as follows:

Wrath of Orcus (CE, 200 pts).

  • Aspect of Orcus
  • Tiefling Captain
  • Orc Warrior x2
  • Cultist of the Dragon
  • Orc Champion
  • Werewolf

This is another case of me having fun. I wanted to include the Aspect of Orcus because, apart from being a good figure, it looks great!

I have a group of four Abyssal Maws that are ready for the Cultist to summon (of course!) and the Werewolf is in there because I bought him as a single today. I had a couple beforehand, though.

I’ve little idea how those warbands will play tomorrow; I hope I actually do get a game! (It’s fairly likely, I must say).

Anyway, bed is calling – I’ve been waking up at 6 am recently regardless of when I went to sleep, so I need to get there early if I’m to have enough rest!

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