Alone At Home with Only A Cat for Company

Is this thing on?

I’m using a Weblogging site that apparently will upload the results to my webpage. That’s cool, and it’s easier than me doing all the html coding myself. (I do so on the rest of my pages – which is why they have a somewhat spartan look at times).

Today marks the beginning of a new adventure: Living On My Own At Home. About a year and a half ago, my mother lost her fight with cancer. Last week, my father remarried – something I’m very, very happy about as I get on extremely well with his new wife. Today, both of them left for a six week holiday in Rome and Venice.

That leaves me Alone At Home with Only A Cat for Company.

Lily would be very put out if she found out I was referring to her as Only A Cat, so I won’t tell her.

Anyway, the main worry for me is depression and loneliness. I’m at home four days of the week; although that might be reduced to three days with the establishment of a regular weekly game on Sundays. Still, it’s three long days with the Winter closing in.

When I get depressed, I want to spend more. I’ll have to watch that.

I bought three packs of D&D Miniatures today: two Archfiends and one Dragoneye. I already had the Aspect of Bane I picked up in the first AF pack, but I didn’t have either the Orc Champion or the Thayan Knight, so I’m pretty happy. Oh, and I bought a few singles, including two Githyanki Fighters – I’m planning a D&D RPG adventure with a few Githyanki, so I’d rather like to get some more in the next month. Hopefully some of my friends picked them up in their packs.

I had my first game with Archfiends on Sunday. I was trying out the Aspect of Bane – along with two Human Executioners, a Cleric of Nerull and Urthok the Vicious. I came up against a CE army with a Gnoll Archer, Cleric of Lolth, Aspect of Lolth, Ogre Ravager and an Orc Champion.

I lost badly. Oh well. At least the Gnoll Archer died at my hands.

I’m convinced that the Aspect of Bane could be good – but I’d rather like a LE figure with the fear ability first. Can you please make one, Wizards?

Hopefully there will be a few new updates to the Minis site in the next few days – I’ve still got a few reviews of KCDinc to post, and there are other things to upload as well; including some material useful to those using the miniatures in the RPG.


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